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The core message of Christianity - called 'The Gospel' - is the most important message anyone could hear and believe. At Bethel Christian Church we offer a number of ways for anyone to explore the Christian Faith.

What's Your Worldview?

A worldview, as the word suggests, is the way we view and make sense of the world around us. We all have a worldview, whether we are conscious of it or not. Identifying your worldview can help you understand why you live the way you do, as well as helping work out whether your worldview is actually in line with the way things really are, and whether it enables you to live truthfully, as you should.

Introductory Courses

Events and activities designed to help you understand the core beliefs, practices and values of the Christian faith.

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4 weeks in Oct - Nov 2024
(Or any time by appointment)

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Read and discuss one of the biographies of Jesus in the Bible.

By appointment
Any time of the year.
Plus, stay tuned for:

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