We all want to live with authenticity: free from pretence, without shame, happy with who we are, and with full integrity.

But these ideals are all too elusive - and if we’re honest, what goes on in our own hearts prevents us from being the people we know we should be.


Is it possible for a person to be truly human - in the best sense of the word?

Why is this world and our lives marked with failure, inadequacy, selfishness and evil?


Is there a way to know real and genuine hope - that enables us to live authentic lives?

How does God fit into all this?

The Authentic Life is a four-session course designed to help you understand the Christian claim that Jesus is the only one who can give us an authentic life of faith, hope and love.


It involves a series of presentations, and opportunity for questions and discussion over a meal. All materials, including a Bible, are provided free. You will not be expected to pray or participate in religious activities, and you are free to discontinue at any time.

Next sessions of the Authentic Life:

We plan to run sessions early in 2021. Check back here, or register your interest to be notified when we have the dates worked out.

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