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Is human history just a series of meaningless cause-and-effect events that have no real purpose?

What about me? Am I here for no particular reason, or is there something - maybe Someone - guiding both my destiny and the destiny of the whole world?

The Bible claims that while we live out our individual lives, enacting our own story, we are all part of a much bigger, grander story that began before the universe existed, and will continue into eternity: the Story of God.

The purpose of your life is to find how you fit within that great story.

The Big Picture is a four-session course that gives an overview of the unfolding Story of God as recorded in the Bible.


It involves a series of presentations, and opportunity for questions and discussion. All materials, including a Bible, and light refreshments are provided free. You will not be expected to pray or participate in religious activities, and you are free to discontinue at any time.

Next sessions of


Four Friday evenings:


Dates to be determined 


7pm - 9pm

Bethel Christian Church

157 Portrush Road, Maylands


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